Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity

If you offer advice or Design, you need professional indemnity insurance to protect you and your business!! 


If you are starting out in business, or have recently started a small business, you should consider your insurance arrangements very carefully as the decisions you make about risk management can have a serious long term impact on you and your business.


We live in very litigious times and employees, clients and the public can easily and readily sue for damages without any financial risk to themselves.

Just checkout any of the NO-WIN-NO-FEE-WEBSITES and then decide if you’re willing to risk your business.

So if you offer advice that can cause consequential damages then you need professionional indemnity insurance to protect you and your business.

So remember if you advise you are accountable for the damage your advice might cause. There are plenty of law firms out their just waiting to pounce.

Get the right insurance for your business

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